1 year ago

Passports at the ready, tickets booked, travel health clinic appointment made? Whether it’s to visit family and friends, for business or just for pleasure, more and more of us have begun dusting off our passports and embracing international travel once again. 

Although travel brings many joys, it is not without risk. Overseas travel can increase your risk of illness from an infectious disease or other health condition. Getting sick overseas is something we all want to avoid, not only does it impact your health and personal wellbeing, but it can also be a very costly experience. Understanding the health risks of your travel destination and taking active measures to prevent them is an important part of travel planning not to be overlooked.

How can I best protect my health when travelling overseas?

In many cases, sickness from infectious diseases can be prevented through immunisation. It is important to protect your health when you travel by planning ahead for any vaccinations you may need. Seeking specialist travel health advice based on your medical history is recommended.

What travel vaccinations do I need?

Whether you are off to Bali, Thailand or further afield, health risks vary by destination, therefore so do the vaccinations and preventative health measures you can take. Bali for example, has risks of Rabies, Measles and many other insect borne and water borne infectious diseases that can be immunised against.

Check out the health advice for your destination here: https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/destinations

What are the common travel immunisations from Australia?

Beach Street Family Practice can provide any of these where required.

How long before I travel should I get vaccinated?

With passports at the ready and tickets bought. It’s important not to leave it until your suitcase is almost packed to think about your health when you travel. We recommend you book an appointment with your GP around 6-12 weeks before you go. This will allow time for multiple doses if required and full immunity to develop.

How do I prove my vaccinations overseas?

It’s important to know what vaccinations are mandatory before entering a country. Whether it be a Covid-19 or Yellow Fever vaccine for example. Check the SmartTraveller website for the most up to date advice.

Most countries now widely accept international vaccination certificates such as the International Covid Vaccination Certificate. Our GP’s can advise you of the requirements for your destination and will provide you with details on your required certificates. Although most of the certificates are digital, we recommend printing a copy to carry with you.

Anything else I should I know before I go?

Make sure to read Smarttravellers Health Checklist for travellers. It includes plenty of worthwhile advice on what to prepare and how to make smart decisions to protect your health overseas. Easier still, book an appointment and get specialist travel health advice.

How to make an appointment?

The team at Beach Street Family Practice offers travel ready services including medical advice, medications, first aid kits and all travel vaccines including Yellow Fever. Our GP’s will be able to provide you with specific advice based on your medical history, the destination and length of your stay and season of travel.

Call us on (02) 6654 1282 or pop in to the surgery to book your travel health appointment.