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Australia is facing a shortage of 10,600 GP’s by 2031/2, as identified in a recent report by the Australian Medical Association. GP’s are in high demand, with that demand having increased by 58% in the decade to 2019, correlating to an increase in over 10,000 required GP’s.

Encouraging GP’s to Woolgoolga

With a shortfall in GP’s and in particular those choosing to practise in regional and rural Australia, Beach Street Family Practise (BSFP) are proud to support new GP’s in their training and offer employment opportunities as the lead teaching practice in Woolgoolga. 

Beach Street Family Practice is accredited under the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as an AGPT teaching practice.

A major focus of the practice, apart from service provision to the people of Woolgoolga and District, has been the teaching of GP’s in training.  Since 1988 BSFP are proud to have supported over 70 doctors with GP training placements, with 4 of these training program graduates now permanent doctors at the surgery. Some of whom are now Supervising GP’s of the current GP Registrars at the practice.

Beach Street Family Practice and our patients benefit greatly from being an accredited teaching practice. As much as the more experienced GP’s provide teaching, mentoring and support, they also frequently learn just as much as their Registrars. Helping to constantly update the knowledge of all doctors in the practice and maintain the highest standards of care to our community.

Advancing the skills of future GP’s

Beach Street Family Practice and our patients benefit greatly from being an accredited teaching practice.

In Australia there are multiple pathways to become a GP. The Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPTP) is the most common route, consisting of six years medical school training, two years of hospital placement and 18 months general practice training. After which doctor’s are awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) or Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) by the Australian Medical Council.

“The AGPT Program trains doctors to become GPs. It provides full-time, on-the-job training for Australian and overseas-trained doctors who want to specialise in general practice. The program offers 1,500 training places in cities, regional, rural and remote areas of Australia each year”.

Department of Health

The General Practice training comprises three 6-month placements, to be undertaken at different practices enabling Registrars to advance their skills by obtaining experience in a variety of practices and locations.

What is a GP in-training?

A GP Registrar or GP Trainee is a qualified Doctor who will become a GP through a period of training in hospital and in General Practice. A GP in training can be in one of three stages of placement. 

Every GP undertakes a period of training in a practise setting, post qualification and hospital placement. This usually comprises of three, 6-month placements enabling doctors to deliver quality whole-person care, becoming a specialist in patients lives, providing personalised care based on trust and understanding.

Supporting Australia’s future GP’s with exposure to a diverse range of patient health issues and concerns in a general practice setting. Building on what they may have experienced in a hospital setting, with the opportunity to practise the full scope of medicine and a range of hands-on-skills, core attributes and advantages for doctors choosing to specialise in General Practice.

What does this mean for patients at Beach Street Family Practice?

Doctor’s on the Australian General Practise Training Program are fully qualified doctors who like any doctor undertake their own patient consultations however have the added benefit of access to an experienced supervising doctor for additional consultation as and when required. 

Practice Nurses are also available to support patients with specific health care needs. Currently we have 6 GP Registrars at Beach Street Family Practice as part of their General Practice placements on rotation, ensuring they experience a diverse range of patients and medical practice models.

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