About Kelly Beazley.

I moved to the mid-north coast 3 years ago, from Sydney. In tow was my husband and young son, with a second child on the way. My husband and I came on a whim, no family or friends in the area. We thought we’d ‘trial’ it out. After 3 weeks living in Mullaway, we ‘extended the trial’.

We are so blessed to call these beautiful beaches home. Surrounded by the wonderful community and tropical climate, we knew this was where we wanted to raise our boys.

My husband works as a science teacher at the local high-school. I was lucky enough to pick-up work as a Registered Nurse at Beach Street Family Practice.

We enjoy cycling to work, living in Mullaway makes it a short sweat-session.

Be sure to say ‘hi’ if you see me around ~ I’m always up for a chat.

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