11 months ago

How you can look out for your elderly neighbours

We love being part of a caring community that looks out for each other. There is no better place to help support the community than at home – starting at next door. 

Want to know how you can look out and care for your neighbour? If you live next to someone senior and would like to be able to support your elderly neighbour, read on for some everyday ways you can help, from incidental exercise, understanding access to aged and local Woolgoolga senior support services, many of which are free or low cost.

3 everyday ways you can help an elderly neighbour

1. Take notice and action if something seems not right.

If it’s been longer than usual since you have last seen your neighbour, or perhaps the mail is still in the postbox or the bins haven’t been put out. Pop over and check that all is ok. Everything may be fine, but it doesn’t hurt to go and check.

2. Be friendly and sociable.

Elderly neighbours may be feeling isolated and a visit, wave or chat is often welcomed. Stopping to chat when you see your neighbour is a very neighbourly thing to do. Inviting them over for a cup of tea could make all the difference to their week. A visit can also encourage incidental exercise, getting them up and about within their own home or over to yours.


Incidental exercise from interacting with neighbours children can keep elderly feeling more active.
Incidental exercise from interacting with neighbours children can keep elderly feeling more active.

3. Offer help when you can.

Offering to pick up some groceries when you go to the supermarket, or if they are in need of a lift to a medical appointment, or simply removing fallen palm fronds from their garden when you see them, there are many ways you can offer neighbourly support. 

Being helpful can also be assisting your neighbour with information on available services they can access. You’ll find a great list below of available services available to seniors within our community.

Woolgoolga Services for Seniors

There are some great community services available for seniors in our local area including:

Meals on wheels

Offer a friendly 80 tasty and nutritious meals that can be delivered to your door. In Woolgoolga, the local Meals on Wheels service offers meals Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. With no contracts, sign up fees and free delivery, meals on wheels can be a great casual, short term or long term choice. It’s also possible to buy gift vouchers – a great gift idea for an elderly neighbour.

Community Transport

Individual, group trips and shopping trips are offered locally by Community transport. Currently a weekly service between Woolgoolga and the Plaza is offered on Thursdays and to Moonee Market on Mondays. A great way to remain independent for those who may not be able to manage taking the bus.

Companionship and social support

A friendly visitor can make all the difference. The Red Cross run a free Community Visitor service, where seniors can be paired with a volunteer who will visit for a cup of tea and a chat, or activity. Find out more about this initiative of the Australian Government department of health.

A daily wellbeing call

Telecross run by the Red Cross offers a welfare call each morning, where a volunteer makes a quick phone call to check the person is ok. This can provide peace of mind if someone is at risk of an accident or illness that could go unnoticed. Plus, it’s a friendly voice every day to look forward to.

Woolgoolga Seniors Centre

For a minimal fee you can become a member and take part in a range of social and leisure activities, from morning teas and scrapbooking to table tennis and dancing. For up to date information on what is on offer visit the Woolgoolga Seniors Centre website or facebook page.

For more information on the full range of aged care services and payments available to seniors, visit Services Australia here.