9 years ago


Design work for the new Surgery at 51 Beach Street is proceeding rapidly. The DA was approved by Coffs Harbour City Council on 29th July 2014. It has been amazing just how complex the process has been, with all sorts of decisions being required about matters large and small. Our team of building and design professionals have been working hard to advance the project as quickly as can reasonably be hoped. It now seems inevitable that we won’t be able to go to tender until January, 2015. In turn that should lead to building commencing by April, 2015. It would be nice to think that we might be finished by Christmas, 2015, but we must all wait and see on that score! eastviewA

When construction commences there will be inevitable inconvenience for both patients and staff at the Practice. We will do our best to minimise them, and ask in advance for your patience and understanding. As problems arise we will do our best to resolve them as quickly and smoothly as much as possible.

A model of our new Surgery building has been constructed. We are currently organising for its safe display at 49 Beach Street, so that everyone can see what is coming. In the meanwhile, anyone wishing to view plans and similar material only need to ask reception staff and some will be provided.