Beach Street Family Practice Mission Statement

  • To search for excellence in the delivery of high quality, state of the art medical care in a family practice setting
  • To meet the need in the community, for urgent medical care after routine office hours
  • To demonstrate a strong commitment to provide a personal compassionate kind of care, a commitment that includes the promise to guide the patient through the complexities of health care services
  • To deal honestly in all our business relationships with patients, staff members, suppliers and others
  • To foster productivity in all staff members – creating in all employees the awareness that their best efforts are essential
  • To teach the principles of family medicine to medical students
  • To explore new medical services family physicians can provide to their patients and their families
  • To respect and value the differences in religious beliefs, values and lifestyles of patients and staff members
  • To provide adequate recreation for staff members to develop their own healthy physical, psychological and spiritual lives

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To find out more about Beach Street Family Practice or our Mission Statement, please contact us at the clinic on (02) 6654 1282.