Training for the Future

Since 1988 this Practice has been a registered base for the training of future General Practitioners. In that time 50 young doctors have spent varying periods learning about the art and science of Medicine.

In the background have been experienced GP’s ready to offer support and advice, check out the mysterious rash when asked, suggest ways to obtain services, provide general reassurance, and confirm that they have done everything that may be required for an individual patient.

What is a GP Registrar?

GP Registrars are all medical graduates with at least several years of hospital experience under their belts. Sometimes, a lot more than that. Some are Australian graduates, some have trained overseas. All have been through a rigorous selection process to confirm their suitability for General Practice Training.

The Practice would not function without their presence. The older doctors provide teaching, mentoring and support. Whilst doing so, they frequently learn just as much as their Registrars. Thus the presence of GP Registrars, and Medical Students, actually helps to raise the standards of care by constantly updating the knowledge of all doctors in the Practice!

GP Registrar Services

The willingness of our patients to see GP Registrars is very much appreciated. It is usually much easier to get an appointment with them, they are readily available to see patients with acute problems. Advice is only a phone call away, with a senior GP usually in an adjoining room.

GP Registrars undertake the full range of activities within General Practice. They are required to attend off site training activities on a regular basis, their education is ongoing and intensive. At the end of training they are required to sit a very testing series of exams prior to being awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.